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The Talmud contains the opinions of hundreds of rabbis, often including strong disagreements on many subjects. Like the Bible itself, it can be used to support varying positions on many subjects. (read more)

Featured Article: Watercolor painting

Carl Larsson, Crayfishing, watercolor, 1897.
Watercolor painting is a painting method. A watercolor is either the medium or the resulting artwork. Watercolor, also known in French as aquarelle, is named for its primary component. It consists of a pigment dissolved in water and bound by a colloid agent (usually a gum, such as gum arabic); it is applied with a brush onto a supporting surface, such as vellum, fabric, or--more typically--dampened paper. The resulting mark (after the water has evaporated) is transparent, allowing light to reflect from the supporting surface, to luminous effect. Watercolor is often combined with gouache (or "bodycolor"), an opaque water-based paint containing a white element derived from chalk, lead, or zinc oxide.

The technique of water-based painting dates to ancient times, and belongs to the history of many cultures in the world. In the West, European artists used watercolor to decorate illuminated manuscripts and to color maps in the Middle Ages, and to make studies from nature and portrait miniatures during the Renaissance. When the Western world began to mass produce paper, the medium took on a whole new dimension of creativity.

Popular Article: Kaabah

Masjid al Haram in Mecca, with the Ka'bah in the center
The Kaabah, Kaaba or Ka'bah (Arabic: الكعبة meaning: "Cube") is a building located inside Islam's holiest mosque (al-Masjidu’l-Ḥarām) found in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The Ka'bah is also called, al-Baytu’l-Ḥarām (البيت الحرام "The Sacred House"). For the Muslim community, the Ka'bah holds a place analogous to that of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem for Jews. The Ka'bah can be called the holiest place in Islam.

Muslims face the Ka'bah during their daily prayers. In the Hajj (pilgrimage), Muslims also perform ritual circumambulation around the Ka'bah.